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Big prizes this week

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital decentralized cryptocurrency, which accepts up to 8 decimals of digits and is finite. In total, there will be about 21million bitcoins, but only about half of them are already mined.

What is Mining bitcoins?

There are some complex mathematical operations that a required to release the so called "bitcoin blocks", which contain 25 new bitcoins each. It may be comparable with the relase of more dollars euros or any other currency that states do.

If you are an advanced-expert computer user with a decent machine you may be interested in mining. Take in mind though that new specific hardware (ASIC bitcoin hardware) is being release to crack y = SHA256(SHA256(x)).

Sounds great. Any problems with bitcoin?

There are still many open questions such as: What about deflation and speculation? We shall see. Some say it's a risky bet, some have already purchased cars, televisions and all kind of stuff using the most famous digital currency.

How is this website helping Bitcoin?

We are helping spread the word. Is not the same talking about something new than having some, even if it's not much, we give the first little taste that you need to later get more immersed in the bitcoin world. If you like economics, hacking and gambling, welcome to the right place!

How it works

Choose 6 randoms (either your favourites or random) and play. There's a limit of 5 tickets per hour for each player.

Too many captchas!

Don't worry, you will only be asked to verify that you are a human every few tickets/hours.

How much can I earn?

At the current state, up to 2.4 BTC daily if you were the luckiest man in the planet. We are still on beta release, so the earnings are not very high. They will increase in the following days. Keep coming!